terms & conditions


We accept cash, Eftpos and major credit cards ( Visa, Mastercard) and personal cheques can be accepted but require 10 days to clear before sails are dispatched. You may also direct credit our bank account. Note: credit card transactions may be subject to a transaction fee.


Dispatching of in stock items normally occurs within 24 hours of ordering and payment. Freight costs are additional to the cost of the sail. All shipments are insured during freight and storage.


All published details of both new and used sails are guaranteed to be accurate including dimensions, condition, quality etc. We want you to be pleased with your purchase. If we’ve made an error on any listed sail, you may return it within 7 days of receipt for a full refund, exchange, or modification. For customer errors freight charges will also apply. Custom orders and modifications are warrantied but non-refundable. Sails may not be returned after being used by the customer. Any damage or wear and tear will be deducted from the refund.


Sail size and construction details such as hardware for most production boats are usually standard and consistent but occasionally rigs will vary even on the same make and size boat. Since neither you nor we have control over this we can only guarantee the dimensions and details of the sails we sell are accurate as published. If you have any doubts about fit we recommend that you measure your rig. Measuring instructions are provided for you on this website. We cannot guarantee their life or condition. All sails are fully insured both in storage and during freight.


Used sail inventory searching is available online. We can assist you further by telephone or E-mail. Details for each sail is on the sail list for you to see including price and condition. If you do not see a used sail listed it is because we do not have it but please call/email and leave details of the sail you are looking for and we will keep “an eye out” for one for you. We try to be conservative when rating used sails therefore we rarely have one returned due to a condition issue. Sails are not usually stamped with a date when they are made so the age is often unknown. Even a “New ” Sail could be several years old. Used sails may not include battens or bags and often will have an insignia or sail numbers. Please don’t be surprised by any of these things.


GST does not apply to sales.


If you must return a sail, please call ahead to let us know to avoid any delay in your refund or credit. All returned items should be clean and in the same condition they were received with the original inventory tags. Sails must be unused, folded neatly and unwrinkled. A 10% charge applies to dirty or wrinkled merchandise, late returns or customer errors. For customer errors freight charges will also apply. Modifications to sails are warrantied but not refundable.


If you have sails to sell – we can assess the sail’s condition and market price and will list, store and advertise for sale on your behalf. A commission is deducted when the sail is sold.

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